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The Equitable Education Fund (EEF) on Wednesday launched a new version of its Information System for Equitable Education management software to reduce inequality among students in the kingdom.

Kraiyos Patrawat, an assistant manager at EEF, said the software, dubbed iSEE 2.0, would be used by the government to formulate policies across various agencies and address the problem of inequality so no child would be left behind.

“With iSEE 2.0, we can identify students who need our grants and monitor the results to ensure they will have the opportunity to keep studying and reach their potential,” Kraiyos said.

He said companies who want to help reduce inequality in the education sector could use the software, access EEF’s big data system and provide support.

Woralak Kongdenfha, a lead developer of iSEE, said the software would enable the government and companies to see how many poor students need help.

“The latest version of iSEE can be used to monitor the financial status of families and performance of students,” Ms Woralak said. “It can also display information on the level of air and noise pollution near each school.”

Key data will be updated according to information collected by school teachers and agencies such as the ministries of education, finance and interior.

“According to our data, we’ve found 15 schools in the country still don’t have electricity,” Ms Woralak said. “There are also 255 schools that still don’t have internet access, and 575 where all their students are impoverished.”

“We can use all of these data to allocate resources and reduce education inequality properly,” she added.

Ms Woralak said the iSEE app could be downloaded on mobile electronic devices, adding all data will become “open” for everyone to access.

Recently, the EEF allocated 2 billion baht to help relieve the burden of impoverished students whose parents were affected by the Covid-19 crisis.

The money will be used as remedial measures, with 750,000 students700,000 in the education system, and 50,000 outsideexpected to benefit.

The EEF said many students’ parents had lost their jobs in the Covid-19 crisis. The EEF is hastening assistance for food, cost of living and other necessities.


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