State Treasury raises nearly 7 trillion VND from G-bond auctions

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The State Treasury of Vietnam mobilised nearly 7 trillion VND (302.9 million USD) through government-bond auctions on the Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) this week.

Some 5.5 trillion VND worth of G-bonds were offered, including five-year bonds valued at 500 billion VND, 10-year bonds at 2 trillion VND, 15-year bonds at 2 trillion VND, and 30-year bonds at 1 trillion VND.

Five-year bonds mobilised 50 billion VND at an annual interest rate at 3.75 percent, 0.05 percent higher than the previous auction on May 8.

Meanwhile, 10-year bonds raised 2 trillion VND at an annual yield of 4.56 percent, 0.06 percent lower than the auction on July 3.

The auction of 15-year bonds sold more than 1.9 trillion VND worth of bonds at the annual interest rate of 4.81 percent, 0.13 percent lower than the July 3 auction.

As much as 1 trillion VND was raised from auction of 30-year bonds, at the annual yield of 5.6 percent, lower than the rate offered at the June 26 auction.

At the sub-session auctions for 10-year and 15-year bonds drew 1 trillion VND each at the annual interest rates of 4.56 percent and 4.81 percent, respectively.

So far this year, the State Treasury collected over 115.8 trillion VND via bond auctions on the HNX. trillion-vnd-from-gbond-auctions/155923.vnp


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