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What does one expect a dairy company to do in its corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes? The apparent answer will most likely the milk processor’s donations of its products to support the community’s health.

That is exactly what TH Group has been doing. But beyond the routine course of donating milk to young people to enhance Vietnamese physical stature, the major dairy processor has also attended to other meaningful CSR activities, including promoting the culture of reading, and exceptional methods of environmental protection.

Dairy processor TH Group, besides its successful business activities, has established the For Vietnamese Stature Foundation and donated dairy products to those in need, mainly children, to improve their physical and mental health.

On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival last month, the foundation gave 4,800 glasses of milk to children of soldiers working on Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelago and DK1 rigs. An additional 480 glasses of milk were also given to disabled children at the vocational training centre for Vietnamese disabled children.

The For Vietnamese Stature Foundation also offered 2,400 glasses of milk to poor primary students in Thuong Phung Commune of the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang’s Meo Vac District.

Reading culture

As stated early on, besides the physical health support, TH Group has paid much attention to improving the mental health of children. On September 13, the company’s foundation donated 130 book shelves with nearly 80,000 books in various fields to 20 primary schools in Yen Thanh District of the north-central province of Nghe An.

In the coming periods, the foundation will execute the “Books for you” programme in Meo Vac District to give books and encourage students in primary and secondary schools in the district to build the habit of reading.

According to TH Group, reading will provide children with necessary knowledge. In addition to the schools’ formal education, books will help nurture students’ dreams. Reading also helps children build information selecting skills, thus acting properly and becoming more mature in the future.

Speaking at the ceremony to donate books last month, Vu Anh The, vice chair of Yen Thanh District, highly appreciated the programme of TH Group and the For Vietnamese Stature Foundation, saying that the programme boasts high humanity, helping diversify books for libraries of schools and encouraging students’ good habit of reading.

On September 22, the foundation and some other enterprises participated in the Bright Tomorrow programme, an art programme to raise fund to help cancer patients jointly held by the Ministry of Health and the Bright Tomorrow Foundation, a cancer patient support foundation. Last year, TH Group’s For Vietnamese Stature Foundation donated VND200 million to the Bright Tomorrow Foundation to help poor cancer patients.

On September 18, TH Group visited Vietnam National Children’s Hospital’s Emergency and Poisoning Control Departement and awarded a machine used in cancer treatment to the department.

Environmental protection

Besides activities to improve Vietnamese children’s physical and mental health, TH Group has also positioned environmental protection as a top priority, and as such has developed exceptional methods to this end. The group has used straws made from Ingeo-brand polylactic acid (PLA) and BioPBSTM bioplastics imported from Thailand-based Bio-Eco. The straws have been used for the group’s TH true MILK pasteurised fresh milk product since June.

The bioplastics to make the straws is made of corn, cassava and sugarcane, so the straws will decompose fast, at only some six months.

Further, the production of PLA bioplastic has fewer impacts on the environment as it requires a smaller volume of fuels and discharges less greenhouse gas emissions compared with the production of plastic straws.

Amid the severe environmental pollution worldwide triggered by plastic straws, TH Group’s solution is considered an ideal one. Besides bioplastic straws, the group is seeking to produce paper straws.

TH Group has been a pioneer in the domestic market to use biofriendly straws, contributing to reducing the volume of single-use plastic products.

Earlier, the group has stopped using spoons made from PE plastics for its TH true YOGURT products, but spoons made from bioplastic originated from starch instead. These spoons will decompose in six months to two years and release no substances that can negatively affect the environment and people.

By using ecofriendly spoons, TH Group has encouraged its customers to protect the environment.

The group has also used bioplastic bags instead of common plastic ones in its TH true mart system.

According to Professor Dr Dang Kim Chi, deputy head of the School of Enviromental Science and Technology of the Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam is the fourth largest consumer of plastics in the world.

Plastic waste has put pressure on the global socioeconomy and environment. To deal with this problem, in addition to raising consumers’ awareness of reducing the use of plastic products, another feasible solution is replacing plastics with more environmentally-friendly materials.


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