Sun Group offers ideal working environment for employees

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Attractive policies have helped Sun Group, a developer of luxury tourism and real estate projects, recruit talents, but its friendly, professional and dynamic working environment has helped it retain its employees.

After 14 years of operations, the Vietnamese conglomerate has not only changed the image of Vietnam in the eyes of the world by developing iconic landmarks, resorts, entertainment complexes and real estate ecosystems, but has also built employment policies that are on par with international standards.

With a philosophy that “good seeds will germinate and grow well under optimal conditions”, Sun Group has ceaselessly improved welfare policies for employees, making sure they always feel valued.

The group has helped its employees enjoy a perfect work-life balance by offering wellness programmes, sports events, on-site gym facilities and even smoking cessation programmes to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Sun Group takes care of its employees as a second home. Employees working far from home in Ba Na in Danang, on Phu Quoc Island off Kien Giang and Fansipan in Lao Cai have been provided with accommodation, on-site child day care facilities and transit services. Furthermore, Sun Group has established the Sunflower Fund and held the Warm Spring programme to support disadvantaged employees.

Despite being severely affected by Covid-19, Sun Group is still stiving to contribute to the recovery of Vietnam’s tourism sector and minimise the impact of the crisis on its employees. The firm has rolled out various activities to encourage a positive spirit in the community and maintain employees’ confidence during this challenging time.

Launching campaigns such as “Go Green”, “No Plastic Waste”, “Stop Smoking”, “Live Happily-Live Healthily”, “Sun Talents” and “Change for Future”, Sun Group has made tremendous efforts to encourage its employees to live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle and support the community.

Last year, Covid-19 significantly affected the global tourism sector. However, Sun Group set out to learn from the crisis as well as prepare for the future. The group introduced many exciting products and services to boost the tourism sector, while proactively supporting the government in the fight against the pandemic.

Developed by Sun Group in 2018, the Van Don International Airport received thousands of flights repatriating Vietnamese nationals stranded abroad last year. The group also set up the Tien Son Field Hospital in Danang City in just three and a half days. Most recently, Sun Group sent a team of professional staff to Chi Linh City of Hai Duong Province to support the construction of another field hospital.

“The outbreak came just two weeks before Tet (Lunar New Year), an occasion for family reunions, so I feel a little bittersweet about this outstanding effort. However, at Sun Group, we all wished to make a contribution in the hope of controlling infections in Hai Duong, so people could welcome the Lunar New Year safely and happily. It is nothing compared to the ceaseless efforts being made by the doctors, nurses and soldiers on the frontline, who have been battling to contain and eliminate the virus,” said Pham Hoang Tuan, project manager in the capital region of Sun Group.

Creating a positive working environment, caring for employees and inspiring them to make a difference are among the reasons why Sun Group has consistently been identified as one of the best companies to work at and one of the leading employers in Vietnam. In 2020, the group was listed among the top five real estate companies, top 100 Vietnam’s best places to work and top 50 Vietnam’s most attractive employers. It was also named among the top 10 excellent companies with a responsive human capital initiative, a prestigious award in the field of human resources.


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