Sunshine Group launches super-luxury apartments project overlooking Saigon River

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Sunshine Venicia, a super-luxury condo project in District 2 of Sunshine Group one of Vietnam’s leading real estate developers will be rolled out to the market in April. As the group’s most premier development in HCM City, Sunshine Venicia features a complimentary design that gives 100 per cent of the apartments 6 to 12 light-receiving surfaces.

Part of Binh An deluxe village, Sunshine Venicia is contiguous to Thu Thiem New City which is famous for its upscale villa complexes and is an ideal location for the development of high-end real estate in HCM City. This is also the so-called “billionaire town” with hundred million-dollar villas nestled amid lush greenery and airy internal paths.

Binh An ward has recently become the top choice for affluent people and the entrepreneur community seeking to settle down on account of the area’s fresh, serene, and romantic living environment close to Saigon River and opposite to iconic building Landmark 81 and Vinhomes Central Park. Residents of Binh An deluxe village need not put up with excessive traffic as those at Thao Dien, and will find a safe haven shielded from the bustle of other central business districts like District 1.

Positioned in the super-luxury segment, Sunshine Venicia offers a limited supply with 245 condominium and sky villas. The scarcity of apartments is one of the elements highlighting the project’s exclusivity, according to the developer. In addition, due to the apartments’ high value, owners are wealthy people, ensuring that Sunshine Venicia’s resident community will be a perfect fit for the area’s “elite” nature.

The apartments at Sunshine Venicia boast a design unique to the entire southern real estate hub. Each apartment was styled after the lily a symbolic flower of Italy with the pistil serving as the common living area and each petal being a functional room each separated by rows of wonderful gardens. With this design, all the functional rooms are separate islands amidst romantic and peaceful gardens.

Unlike the rigid and straightforward concrete balconiesfrequently adorning apartment buildings in the market, the balconies of Sunshine Venicia are like winding pathways dotted with fantastic flower gardens, with photo galleries on both sides. Currently no other real estate project in the city has such unique balcony design.

Also, Sunshine Venicia architects kept the privacy of each resident at the top of their mind at every step. This culminates in each apartment at the condo project being connected and separated from the beautiful garden by snug, yet romantic little alleys leading up to the entrance. This design is a far cry from the usual row-house and terraced villa designs in HCM City where entryways line up next to each other.

Rough estimates show that with such distinct design, each three-bedroom apartment at Sunshine Venicia has more than three gardens,setting a record in the high-end segment in the city.

Each floor at Sunshine Venicia houses a limited number of apartments, averaging two apartments each floor with separate elevator for each apartment. “To optimise commercial area, most condo projects in Ho ChiMinh City put quite a few apartments on each floor, leaving only a few front-facing units on each floor. We at Sunshine Group, however, did not go that way for our product line-up,” said the project developer.

Regarding the design of Sunshune Venicia, architect Hoang Thy Phong, who specialises in designing luxury apartments, said: “This is the most exclusive design in Southeast Asia, not a developer in Vietnam has ever created something like this.”

In Phong’s words, HCM City is now home to more than 200 apartment projects, and most focus on promoting the utilities they have. However, to define the class of an apartment project, it is important to look beyond the number of utilities at the architectural design. Most upscale projects deliver unique designs to bring sensational experiences to customers.

Besides upscale architecture, Sunshine Venicia offers a scenic Italian style, from sunny lemon and grape gardens, endless lily gardens, and Renaissance-style water fountains to slightly-curved, charming small alleys decorated with rose pedestals.

The podium is home to various boutique tea shops, spas, and restaurants under the main lobby’s European-style arch and art galleries. Notably, the whole project is shielded by anti-UV glass and powered by 4.0 technologies as interiors and equipment were imported from Europe.


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