Taipei bans personal transporters on roads

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Personal mobility devices are prohibited on Taipei’s roads and those who do not comply face a fine of up to NT$3,600 (US$123), according to the Department of Transportation (DOT).

As legislative reviews of an amendment to the Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act are ongoing to tighten regulation of such motorised vehicles, the capital of Taiwan is moving ahead with a ban. According to DOT, the city outlaws the use of all types of personal transporters on roads, including electric skateboards, kick scooters, electric unicycles, Segways, and similar devices.

Heavy traffic, mixed traffic, and limited lane space are the grounds cited by the city government to restrict the use of personal vehicles, out of safety concerns. Violators risk a penalty ranging from NT$1,200 to a maximum of NT$3,600, in compliance with Road Traffic Safety Regulations.

However, the city’s transportation authorities are considering to allow limited use of these mobility devices in designated areas. Consultation with experts will be conducted before any move is taken to relax the rule, said DOT.


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