Taiwan beat UNAIDS treatment target for 2020

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Taiwan outperformed a target set by the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/Aids (UNAIDS) to fight the Aids epidemic as it endeavors to mitigate the threat of the disease.

UNAIDS mounted a “90-90-90: Treatment for all” campaign that sought to achieve the following goals by 2020: 90 percent of those living with HIV knowing their HIV status; 90 percent of those diagnosed with HIV receiving sustained antiretroviral therapy; and 90 percent of those receiving antiretroviral therapy having viral suppression.

Taiwan registered a score of 90-93-95, faring better than the global average of 84-87-90, according to the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC). New HIV infections are also on a steady decrease, from 2,058 in 2017 to 1,389 in 2020. As of November 24, the number of this year’s new infections was 1,139.

Starting next year, the country will embark on a four-year plan to meet UNAIDS’ 95-95-95 objective by 2025. This will be the first phase of an initiative to terminate Aids by 2030, according to the CDC.

The CDC is calling for improved awareness to prevent the transmission of the disease by engaging in safe sex, taking PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) medicine, undergoing regular testing, and reducing viral load to an undetectable level.



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