Taiwan Cabinet to release list of products compromising information security

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Government agencies to be blocked from purchasing risky products

A list of products jeopardising national information security will be released at the end of the month, with a ban to follow.

With Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute having already ceased supporting Huawei products on its internal platforms in January, the Cabinet has decided to follow suit. Premier Su Tseng-chang announced in April that various government agencies will not be allowed to purchase products posing a risk to Taiwan’s information security.

Cabinet Spokesperson Kolas Yotaka has announced that the list of banned products will be released at the end of July, reports Epoch Times. Yotaka emphasized that the list will not apply to individuals, only various government agencies.

These agencies will not be allowed to save or process government documents on banned products nor connect banned products with government electronics. Banned products already in use will be replaced by those deemed free of information security risks.

Yotaka also pointed out that the list of restricted products might not only include those from China. Threats to Taiwan’s information security might come from other nations, too. Aside from Huawei products, those from ZTE Corporation and Lenovo, among other companies, are expected to be included on the list.



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