Taiwan civic group advocates political asylum for HKers

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A Taiwan-based civic group took to the streets of Taipei on Sunday, calling for law amendments that would allow Taiwan to grant political asylum to Hong Kongers, particularly pro-democracy protesters who are being persecuted.

Members of the International Socialist Forward (ISF), the Taiwan chapter of the Committee for a Workers’ International, gathered in front of the headquarters of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), shouting slogans such as “Immediately amend the laws, provide asylum to Hong Kong protesters,” and “Down with Emperor Xi (Jinping).”

They also expressed support for the idea of a general strike by the Hong Kong people and organisations and for the Hong Kong “revolution” to be exported to China.

Since the mass pro-democracy protests started in Hong Kong last June, some 7,000 people have been arrested, 1,000 have been subjected to criminal prosecution, and more than 500 are facing minimum prison sentences of 10 years on charges of rioting, ISF spokesman Hsu Wei-yu (???) said at Sunday’s rally.

Hong Kong anti-extradition bill protest. (CNA)

Hong Kong anti-extradition bill protest. (CNA)

He said the rally was a show of support for the Hong Kong protesters and an effort to advocate for a bill that would allow Hong Kongers to gain political asylum in Taiwan to escape the police brutality in their own territory.

Specifically, he went on, the ISF is calling for an amendment to the Laws and Regulations Regarding Hong Kong and Macao Affairs that would not only grant asylum to Hong Kongers, but also guarantee such refugees a basic living standard.

A Hong Konger who was at the rally said that compatriots are allowed to stay one month in Taiwan on a tourist visa that is extendable to no more than 90 days, even though their lives are under threat in Hong Kong.

The Hong Konger expressed the hope that Taiwan would amend its laws to allow stays of least one year, the right to work part-time, and the right to rent accommodation.

After the rally in front of the DPP headquarters, the ISF members and their supporters marched to Taipei Main Station, Ximending and the Legislative Yuan complex.




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