Taiwan MAC: Beijing should reform its policies and behavior towards Tibet

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The 60th anniversary of the 1959 Tibetan Uprising is Sunday

Taiwan’s Mainland Affairs Council has communicated a message to Beijing, asking authorities to think about their actions and change policy on Tibet prior to the anniversary of the 1959 Uprising.

Sunday marks 60 years since Tibetans revolted against Chinese Communist occupiers, who took control of the region in 1950 after the Chinese Civil War.

MAC asked Beijing to reflect on the incident and carry out policies to safeguard the human rights and secure freedom of religious belief for Tibetan people, so that history can avoid repeating itself in the near future.

Despite claims that the Communist Party has “improved the lives” of Tibetans through addressing basic economic and infrastructural needs, the council’s statement said, reports suggest they have been forced into “patriotic re-education,” and are constantly subject to political and religious oppression.

The CPP purportedly administers the guiding policy of “respect difference and honor diversity” for dealing with China’s diverse ethnic groups. Authorities should govern more open-mindedly, said MAC, and conduct affairs with Tibet and other ethnic minority regions with more kindness and respect for diverse opinions and cultures.

Only this way can China avoid repeating unfortunate events in history, and truly capture the hearts of its citizens, MAC said.

The council also commented that China should face the significant juncture in history that was the Tibetan Uprising head-on, and peacefully and rationally heed the requests of the Tibetan people. Authorities should strive to heal historical wounds and cracks in ethnic identities to create a more civilised, peaceful and stable country and society, the agency added.

Although the CCP and Tibet signed a “peace agreement” in 1951, there have been numerous violent incidents of repression since, and Tibetan oppression has become a top international concern among rights groups.

We hope China changes its policies and behaviors soon to promote peaceful development across both sides, MAC said.



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