Taiwan marks 1-year anniversary of National Human Rights Commission

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To mark the one-year anniversary of the National Human Rights Commission’s (NHRC) establishment, Chairperson Chen Ju on Monday (August 2) delivered a speech calling on Taiwanese to work together and continue to pay attention to emerging human rights issues in the nation.

During a press conference on Monday, Chen said the creation of the commission was a long process, spanning the administrations of Chen Shui-bian, Ma Ying-jeou, and Tsai Ing-wen. Finally, on December 10, 2019, exactly 40 years after the Meilidao Incident, the Legislative Yuan agreed to establish the NHRC.

This was a very important milestone in the development of human rights in Taiwan, Liberty Times cited the chairperson as saying.

Chen mentioned that the NHRC has cooperated with the Examination Yuan’s National Academy of Civil Service and the Ministry of Education’s National Academy for Educational Research. This is a very important first step for inter-academic cooperation, she said, adding that civil servants are the most important driving force of the country’s progress and stability.

Improved public education will help bring awareness to human rights issues in Taiwan, she added.

The chairperson said the commission has also held many symposiums on issues related to women, gender equality, children, labour, Indigenous tribes, and new immigrants. Other topics will also be included in future discussions, she said, adding that non-governmental dialogues serve as a reference for policy research.

Chen said the NHRC is actively cooperating with non-governmental organisations and academic institutions to address emerging human rights issues, such as digital surveillance, the welfare of people with mental disorders, and the medical rights of the elderly.



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