Taiwan prepares to acquire close-in weapon system

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Taiwan on the defensive, prepares to purchase more anti-aircraft defense missiles

In light of the continued encroachment and military drills carried out by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) along Taiwan’s east coast, Taiwan’s military decided this July to acquire more close-in weapon systems.

China currently has around 6,000 missiles aimed at Taiwan from bomber plans or aboard aircraft carriers, the totality of which is a great threat to the Zhi-hang Airbase and the Jiashan Base, according to LTN. Both air bases have engaged in countless anti-aircraft defense drills and exercises.

The Taiwan Army Chief of Staff, Lee Hsi-ming supports the weapon system purchase and also recommends that explosion-resistant walls be built around Taiwan’s military bases to fortify each base.

A military radar tower atop Datunshan mountain only has one permanent missile fixture which is perhaps another security point in need of strengthening.



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