Taiwan ready to share experience as victim of China’s hostility: MOFA

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As country that has been subjected to China’s political belligerence for many years, Taiwan would be willing to share that experience with other nations that might be facing a similar problem, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) said in its latest report to the Legislature.

In the report that was submitted to the Legislature Saturday, MOFA said China is now turning its aggression on other countries besides Taiwan, trying to buy off their politicians, spreading fake news, and attempting to hack into their computer systems to steal classified information.

Some of those countries are aware of the “attacks” from China and are seeking ways to protect themselves, the report stated, adding that Taiwan would be willing to share its experience and the strategies it has employed in response to China’s aggression.

Having survived many difficulties that arose from China’s hostility, Taiwan has learned how to turn challenges into opportunity in the diplomatic arena, the ministry said in its report.

It said China is still engaged in efforts to suppress Taiwan, trying to exert influence on Taiwan’s diplomatic allies, to quash any efforts to that might lead to improved relations between Taiwan and other countries, and to standardise its “one China” principle in the international community.

China has also been attempting to weaken Taiwan’s sovereignty and squeeze Taiwan’s international space by spreading fake information, the ministry said.

In the report, MOFA said China is likely to step up its efforts to snatch Taiwan’s diplomatic allies and exclude Taiwan from international activities.

In the face of such challenges, Taiwan will seek to strengthen its ties with its diplomatic allies and improve its dialogue and relations with like-minded countries such as the United States, Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and countries in Europe, MOFA said in the report.

MOFA officials are scheduled to answer questions about the report in a hearing of the Legislature’s Foreign and National Defense Committee on Monday.



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