Taiwan reports 4 new coronavirus cases from Turkey, Philippines, Indonesia

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Taiwan’s Central Epidemic Command centre (CECC) on Thursday (October22) announced four new imported cases of Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) from Turkey, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

During a press conference on Monday, CECC Spokesman Chuang Jen-hsiang announced four imported coronavirus infections, raising the total number of cases in Taiwan to 548. The latest cases include one Taiwanese citizen, two Indonesians, and one Filipino.

According to Chuang, Case No. 545 is an Indonesian woman in her 30s who entered Taiwan on October 14 for work. She received negative results from a coronavirus test administered three days before her flight and was asymptomatic when she arrived in Taiwan.

However, while undergoing quarantine, she began to go experience dizziness, loss of appetite, vomiting, and general fatigue on October 17. The health department subsequently arranged for her to undergo a medical examination on October 20.

She was diagnosed with COVID-19 on October 22 and placed in a hospital isolation ward. Since the woman had been staying at a quarantine centre two days before the onset of the disease and hospitalisation, no contacts have been listed.

Chuang said that Case No. 546 is a 30-year-old Taiwanese male who went to the Philippines for work in December of last year. Between October 13 and 17 of this year, he began to experience a mild cough, loss of the sense of smell, and sharp pain in the bones of his upper body.

He did not seek medical attention while in the Philippines. When he flew back to Taiwan on October 20, he wore a mask, protective clothing, and a face shield while on the plane.

When he arrived in Taiwan, he proactively informed quarantine officers that he had lost his sense of smell. Quarantine staff quickly administered a coronavirus test and he was confirmed to have the disease on October 22.

The health department has identified a total of 16 people who came in contact with the man during his flight to Taiwan. Among them, seven sat in the two rows directly in front of and behind the man.

The other nine contacts are crew members who serviced the flight. The passengers have been told to begin home isolation, while the crew members have been asked to start self-health monitoring.

Chuang stated that Case No. 547 is an Indonesian woman in her 30s. When she entered Taiwan for work on October 8 she did not experience any symptoms of the disease.

As her quarantine period was ending on October 21, she was tested for the coronavirus. On October 22, she was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Because the case was asymptomatic when entering the country and fellow passengers had already completed their quarantines, the health department has not listed any contacts.

Chuang said that Case No. 548 is a 30-year-old Filipino female who has worked in Turkey for the past two years. As she had been hired to work in Taiwan, she arrived in the country on October 13.

Three days prior to her flight, she tested negative for the coronavirus and did not report any symptoms when she arrived in Taiwan. Nevertheless, while undergoing quarantine, the woman began to experience a runny nose, fatigue, and loss of smell and taste between October 17 and 20.

After the health department arranged for her to undergo a coronavirus test, she was diagnosed with the disease on October 22. Since she had been undergoing quarantine at an epidemic prevention hotel two days before the onset of the disease and hospitalisation, the health department has not listed any contacts.

The CECC on Thursday did not announce any new reports of people with suspected symptoms. Since the outbreak began, Taiwan has carried out 99,800 COVID-19 tests, with 98,496 coming back negative.

Out of the 548 confirmed cases, 456 were imported, 55 were local, 36 came from the Navy’s “Goodwill Fleet,” and one is an unresolved case. Up until now, seven individuals have succumbed to the disease, while 497 have been released from hospital isolation, leaving 44 patients still undergoing treatment in Taiwan.



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