Taiwan sends warning to rock-pelting Chinese fishing boats

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The Coast Guard Administration (CGA) warned Friday that it will not tolerate illegal trespassing or any forms of aggression in Taiwanese waters, after receiving reports of Chinese fishing boats pelting Taiwanese vessels around Taiwan’s Matsu Islands with rocks.

A 500-tonne Penghu coast guard vessel and two additional patrol boats have been deployed to the outlying islands to stop any future incursions by Chinese fishing boats in the area, the CGA said.

The response came after a Beigan-registered Taiwanese fishing boat reported Wednesday that it was attacked and chased off by numerous Chinese boats in Taiwan-controlled waters between Gaodeng and Zhongdao islets.

A Taiwanese patrol boat that came to investigate the area the following day reported that a Chinese fishing boat was spotted 3.1 nautical miles northwest of Hanlin Cape in Matsu’s Nangan Township.

Despite repeated warnings, the Chinese boat refused to leave Taiwan’s territorial waters and began hurling rocks at the coast guard vessel.

The Chinese boat only retreated after the Taiwanese vessel responded by firing a stun grenade at the vessel, according to the Matsu coast guard.

Late Thursday, the coast guard authorities in Matsu said they welcomed the CGA’s additional deployment, saying that the efforts will reinforce Taiwan-controlled waters and prevent any future incursions by Chinese fishing boats.



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