Taiwanese co-pilot pays off NT$800,000 fine for breaching quarantine rules

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According to the Taipei branch of the Administrative Enforcement Agency (AEA), a co-pilot of a Taiwanese airline has paid off a punishment of NT$ 800,000 (US$ 28,551) for breaching of Covid-19 quarantine rules earlier this year.

The co-pilot, identified in the media as Chung, was found to have left his home three times to visit friends and buy food while he was under quarantine after returning from flight assignments in January and February. The Ministry of Transportation and Communications penalised him NT$800,000 in May, according to the AEA.

Chung claimed that he was stressed out from dealing with the never-ending cycle of flying responsibilities and quarantine and that he profoundly regretted breaking the restrictions. He only decided to pay his fine as officials told him he’d be barred from leaving Taiwan if he doesn’t and agreed to pay it in five installments, with the final payment due on Friday. Now he has been barred from flying. It was not mentioned which airlines he worked for in the reports.

In Taiwan, anyone who breaks quarantine rules can be penalised up to NT$1 million, and those who don’t pay the fee in a timely manner will have their cases forwarded to the AEA, which has the right to take their assets and prevent them from leaving the country.

Today, Taiwan reported five new imported cases of Covid-19 with no deaths. Three of them were identified as workers from the Philippines who travelled on a ship yesterday.



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