Taiwanese police bust fraud ring targeting victims in Kaohsiung

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Five gang members were arrested in Zhongli District of Taoyuan on May 6

Police in Kaohsiung busted a fraud ring operating domestically on May 6, arresting five gang members involved in the operation.

The fraud ring was targeting people in Kaohsiung, and threatening them with violence of the kidnapping of their children to extort money from the victims.

Several victims had notified the police in Kaohsiung of the threats and criminal activity, which led the police in Kaohsiung to create a task force.

The investigation led them to a gang based in the Zhongli District (??) of Taoyuan. Liberty Times reports that the gang members arrested were part of the Sun Chapter (???) of the Heavenly Way Alliance.

The ringleader of the five arrested is reportedly a man surnamed Tang (?), who had been recruiting young unemployed men from Miaoli and Taoyuan to participate in the gang activity.

The men reportedly targeted people in Kaohsiung, and after threatening them would demand that they leave with cash or valuables in certain locations. Then the fraud ring members would rush south to Kaohsiung, pick up the payment and immediately return to northern Taiwan by taxi or other means.

The four victims known to the police were said to have been tricked into surrendering over NT$280,000 (US$9,400) in total to the gangsters.

CNA reports that during the raid 19 smoke bombs, four metal baseball bats, two police batons, NT$19,500 (US$650), and a small amount of ketamine were found on the premise.

The suspects have reportedly been transferred to the Kaohsiung Prosecutor’s office to face trial under the Organised Crime Prevention Act.



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