Taiwanese team discovers link between sugar and pancreatic cancer

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Experts nevertheless recommend not to avoid sugar completely

A team from the Academia Sinica has discovered a link between the irregular metabolism of sugar and pancreatic cancer, reports said Friday.

Avoiding the excessive consumption of products high in glucose was a key element in preventing the onslaught of pancreatic cancer, the Central News Agency quoted the research team as saying.

As 80 percent of patients had already reached the final stage of the disease at the time of diagnosis, it was important to better understand the root causes behind the origin of the cancer, the experts said. In the past, it was known there was a relationship between pancreatic cancer and diabetes, but the nature of the link was not clear, according to the team.

An empty stomach might contain 100 milligrams of glucose per deciliter, but if that amount doubles for a significant amount of time, pancreatic cancer will be more likely to occur.

Doctors advised to avoid a high sugar diet, though not the substance altogether, since it still played a key part in providing the body with energy, CNA reported. There was no obvious link between the consumption of sugar and other types of cancer, the team added in its report, which was published in Cell Metabolism.



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