Taiwan’s Gogoro launches hybrid bike

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Taiwan’s electric scooter company Gogoro on Wednesday (July 1) launched the “Eeyo,” its first hybrid bicycle for the Taiwan, US, and European markets.

During the launch ceremony outside its first store for the bikes, in Taipei 101, the company’s co-founder and CEO Horace Luke said the human-electric hybrid bicycle is the third of eight major projects, reported CNA. He said the project started in October 2015 when the firm discussed producing the vehicle with many bicycle manufacturers, but they all told him, “First make the product and put it out.”



Luke said that like its electric scooters, the bike was developed to become a “platform.” He said they mounted a computer, chips, battery, sensor, and motor onto the rear wheel, which the company calls the “Eeyo Smartwheel.”

Luke said the modular motor enables other small and medium-sized manufacturers that are not able to develop electric bicycles to immediately install them on existing bikes without redeveloping the frame. Luke said this allows the bikes to be instantly electrified and networked.

The Gogoro guru said that Taiwan is a world leader in the fields of information and communications technology (ICT), and bicycle manufacturing, and “they should be integrated.” Luke said the Eeyo motor is designed and manufactured by Gogoro, while the frame is constructed by a top Taiwanese original equipment manufacturer (OEM), thus making the whole vehicle made in Taiwan.

Luke said the bike is the fruit of years of cooperation with research and development partners and suppliers. He added that in addition to the Taiwan market, it will also be sold in the US and Europe.

The bike is extremely lightweight, at only 11.8 kilogram, half the weight of rival ebikes, according to Gogoro’s website. It features two modes, with varying levels of power assist based on the rider’s preferences, including a “Sport Mode” providing a range of 64 kilometers and an “Eco Mode” giving a range of 88.5 km.

The bike comes in two models, including the Eeyo 1s, which sells for $4,599 (NT$135,498) and the Eeyo 1, which runs at the lower price of $3,899. The company said the bike will be available in the US and Taiwan in July, while it will hit Europe later this summer.



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