Taiwan’s international power boosted over COVID-19 handling: Asia Power Index

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Taiwan has joined Vietnam and Australia as one of three economies in Asia that have gained comprehensive power in the Asia Power Index 2020 released by Australian think tank Lowy Institute.

Launched in 2018, the annual index gauges the relative power of 26 countries in Asia and the shifts in the balance of power based on 128 indicators across eight measures. The 2020 edition provides insights into the wax and wane of respective nations’ geopolitical power as influenced by the coronavirus pandemic.

Taiwan stands out in the index as a result of the competent management of COVID-19. While its 14 out of 26 ranking remains unchanged, it received a 16.7 score out of 100, up from 15.9 in the 2019 performance.

The nation gains most in diplomatic influence (+9), at the same time improving in cultural influence (+1.1), future resources (+0.8), and economic relationships (+0.4). Areas in which its power has declined include resilience (-0.9), economic capability (-0.9), defense networks (-0.6), and military capability (-0.2).

According to the findings, with the backing of the United States, Taiwan has emerged as a “formidable check” on China’s ambitions to become a dominant sea power. However, the country’s proximity and legacies of conflict with China also have a role in its “geopolitical vulnerability.”

The top five regional powers for 2020 are the US, China, Japan, India, and Russia. The US registered the sharpest fall in the relative power of all the 26 countries despite its pre-eminence, while China’s diplomatic clout has diminished in the wake of the pandemic.



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