Taiwan’s Military Police celebrate 89th anniversary

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Taiwan’s Military Police Command celebrated its 89th anniversary on Saturday (January 16).

A special celebration event was held at the Military Police Command centre and was hosted by Lieutenant general Huang Chin-tsai, commander of the military police. Participants included both current and retired generals, local officials, reservists, and all regular officers and personnel, Military News Agency reported.

Commander Huang encouraged officers to wholeheartedly devote themselves to combat readiness training. He stated that they should be proud to shoulder the responsibility of “defending the country” and “protecting the safety and welfare of the people.” He continued by saying that all officers should inherit an excellent, loyal, and steadfast military bearing.

Saturday’s celebration included the revealing of the Military Police Museum and a combat display. Recruits from the Military Police Training Headquarters showed off their fighting chops, basic knife skills, and other applied skills for the field, while domestically produced CM-33 and CM-34 Clouded Leopard armored vehicles drove past the command centre in a triangular formation.

Additionally, officers from the rapid response company rode on their signature heavy motorcycles in various configurations, including the “Double ten” and “Goose” patterns. Meanwhile, drug-sniffing dogs from the Shilin Military Police Office conducted individual and group exercises, successfully detecting hidden narcotics.



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