Taiwan’s Presidential Office asks if former president Ma withheld files from 2015 Ma-Xi meeting

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The Ma-Xi meeting held in 2015 was the first meeting between the cross-strait political leaders after more than six decades

The historic meeting between former Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou (???) and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping (???) in late 2015 has come under the spotlight once again, as media reports that some of the classified, and probably the most important, files from the meeting were not handed over to the current government by the Ma administration.

Media reports describe an unnamed source as saying when the national security authorities were trying to analyse information from the Ma-Xi meeting dossier, they discovered that the files they had at hand seemed to be incomplete. However, neither the National Security Council nor the Presidential office have so far confirmed the reports.

The Ma-Xi meeting was held in November, 2015 in Singapore. It was the first meeting between the cross-strait political leaders after the Kuomintang-led nationalist government was defeated by the communists in China in 1949, and moved to Taiwan.

Hsu Chiao-hsin (???), spokesperson for Ma Ying-jeou’s Office, posted a statement via Facebook on Tuesday, criticising the current government for deliberately defaming the former president by secretly leaking questionable information to the media.

Hsu said whoever made the leak should identify themselves, and provide specific evidence on what documents they believed to be missing.

“Former President Ma has been law-abiding throughout his political career, and his integrity will stand the test of time,” added Hsu.

On the other hand, the Presidential Office responded later at noon that as the meeting took place under Ma’s mandate, Ma and other related officials should clarify if any files or records from the meeting dossier had not been handed over during the transition in 2016.

The Office also said the meeting dossier they received contained four parts, including extracts of important events leading to the meeting, records of administrative negotiations between the governments of Taiwan and China, the Ma-Xi meeting minutes, and a report on domestic and overseas media coverage of the meeting.

According to the Office, the contents of the dossier were dated from October15 until the end of the Ma-Xi meeting on November 7, 2015.



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