Technics Organizes World’s First Full Turntable Orchestra

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TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#DJing–On March 20, 2018, the “Record Day,” Panasonic Corporation released the
video of the world’s first full orchestra performance featuring Technics
“turntables (analog record players)” as the only instruments, under the
Technics brand’s theme, “Rediscover Music.”


Philharmonic Turntable Orchestra” special website

Thirty renowned DJs from around the world, including DJ Rena, the
reigning Japanese world champion (youngest ever world champion in
history), who took the “DMC World Championship” title in 2017 at just 12
years old*, came together to create the world’s first “turntable
orchestra.” Using the Technics’ iconic turntable (SL-1200
) and their excellent skills, DJs remixed and mashed up
numerous classical music. Fragments of the songs were collaged and woven
together organically.

* He was 12 when he won the “DMC World Championship Single” in 2017. He
is 13 as of March 2018.

The theme of the orchestra was “Rediscover Music.” It created an all-new
music experience that only the “SL-1200,” which has continued to remix
sound since its release in 1972, is capable of bringing to life.

The world’s first turntable orchestra
“Turntable Orchestra.”
The world’s first full orchestra featuring turntables (analog record
players) as the only instruments.

Thirty renowned DJs known as “turntablists” from around the world
gathered in a studio in Tokyo. These powerhouse DJs dressed in tailcoats
included DJ Kentaro, who became the first Asian world champion in 2002,
and many other winners of the “DMC World Championship.” Thirteen
year-old DJ Rena, the youngest ever world champion, reigning 2017 “DMC
World Championship” Single winner, also took part.

All they used were classical music records, mixers, and Technics
“SL-1200″ series turntables. With exceptional scratching, beat juggling,
and drumming skills, the DJs remixed and mashed up numerous classical
music to create an original 3-minute plus piece of music.

Since making its first appearing in 1972, Technic’s iconic “SL-1200″
series has helped create a new music culture and generated excitement
together with people who have poured their grit and passion into music.
People nowadays have fewer opportunities to really listen to music. To
surprise and delight and to help people once again “rediscover music,”
Technics unveiled “The Philharmonic Turntable Orchestra” on March 20,
the day on which LP records were first born in Japan.

Participating DJs (listed in no particular order)
Thirty DJs
including DJ Kentaro, DJ Qbert, DJ Swamp, DJ D-styles, DJ Switch, Kireek
(DJ Yasa/DJ Hi-C) DJ Izoh, DJ Ken-one, and DJ Rena.

Music used
Eight songs including:
- Vivaldi: Le quattro
stagioni, Violin Concerto in E Major, Op. 8, No. 1, RV 269, “La
primavera” — Allegro
- Rossini: Péchés de vieillesse, Vol. 6:
Album pour les enfants dégourdis — No. 6 Valse torturée
Paganini: 24 Caprices for Solo Violin, Op. 1 — No. 5 in A minor: Agitato

A special website with an interactive interface
The special
website was designed to resemble Technics equipment. The “Performance
Movie Player” is equipped with a start/stop button, volume meter,
levels, and pitch faders. And users can also arrange the DJs’
performance using the mixer, cue button, and pitch fader.

Philharmonic Turntable Orchestra” special website

About the SL-1200 series
The SL-1200 series is a legendary
analog record player manufactured by Panasonic and sold under the
“Technics” brand. Since being released in 1972, the SL-1200 series has
continued to represent the Technics brand and has been loved by many
music fans around the world.
In 2010, the series left the market,
but it came back in 2016 as a limited edition model, “SL-1200GAE,” and
the “SL-1200G” general
model both of which inherited the look and feel, and the spirit of the
legendary series.
One of its most prominent characteristics is the
direct drive featuring an ultra low speed motor and high torque. This
unquestionably iconic turntable enables an extensive range of scratch
and play, and that is why it has been long loved by DJs worldwide.


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