Thailand based blogger Richard Barrow reveals difficulties in renewing extension of stay

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Popular Thailand based blogger Richard Barrow has posted about experiencing difficulties in trying to renew his extension of stay.

On Friday, Richard returned to Samut Prakan immigration where he expected to collect his newly approved extension.

However, unexpectedly, he was told that Bangkok hadn’t yet approved his application.

He was then given a 7 day extension and told to return to Samut Prakan Immigration in one week.

Richard then explained that when he returned to work later that day, there was an Immigration Police vehicle parked outside.

According to Richard, officers from Chaengwattana in Bangkok visited him at his place of work to question him.

“They had my application with them which explained why Samut Prakan Immigration hadn’t received the verdict yet, Richard said in a Facebook post.

“They didn’t give any indication as to whether there was a problem or whether they were happy with the inspection.

“They just said I have to wait seven days to hear the outcome”.

“I’ve lived in Thailand for twenty five years. I’ve spent most of my life here. But this is what I have to go through every year,” he added.

Richard, who has a large following online where his excellent blog and Twitter page promotes travel destinations throughout Thailand, has recently been a vocal supporter of the campaign calling for TM.30 to be abolished.


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