Thailand Protestors ‘Salute Yellow Ducks’ As Heroes Of Pro-democracy Movement; Here’s Why

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In Thailand, yellow inflatable ducks have become the mascot of ongoing pro-democracy protests after several demonstrators used them as shields to protect themselves from violent police actions on November 17. According to The Guardian, protestors on Tuesday gathered near the country’s parliament in support of the constitutional changes that were under discussion, however, when they tried crossing concrete barricades they were met with water cannons and tear gas canisters, prompting them to use inflatable ducks as shields.

According to the report, people had initially brought the inflatable ducks as a joke but after using them as shields against violent police actions, they hailed the water play material. Thailand protestors had carried the ducks to the Tuesday demonstration in order to mock the authorities who had blocked the way to the parliament; they joked that the only way to reach the parliament would be to use the ducks through the river.

The creativity and humour of Thailand’s pro-democracy protestors have garnered them praise on social media, with supporters posting appreciative messages. Thailand protestors on Wednesday took to the streets again, this time to hail the rubber ducks as heroes of the movement. Several demonstrators were seen carrying placards that read ‘Salute yellow ducks’.

Thailand’s pro-democracy movement

Thai protesters are calling for curbs on the monarchy and changes to the constitution that were brought in under the junta rule. In Thailand, the monarchy is considered sacrosanct, and therefore calls to reform them are unprecedented. Over the months, pro-democracy protestors and royalists have clashed time and again with several people being left injured. As per reports, Bangkok’s emergency medical service even reported some gunshot wounds.

Protestors are also demanding the resignation of the incumbent Thai prime minister Prayuth Chan-Ocha. A few days back, there was also a state of emergency declared to enable the police to break up groups gathering outside the prime minister’s office. The officials further justified the emergency measures partly on the grounds of some protesters disturbing a royal motorcade during a mass rally in Bangkok.


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