Thailand’s food delivery business up 14pct in 2019

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We’re eating in more and dining out less. But we can still enjoy our favourite restaurant food. Welcome to the latest ‘disrupter’ making inroads to our eating habits.

KResearch (a part of Kasikorn Bank) estimates that the food delivery business in 2019 will amount to 33-35 billion baht, up 14 percent from last year. Food delivery apps are another example of ‘digital disruption’, and are transforming consumer behaviour as well as the restaurants’ food supply chains.

(Thing Food Panda, LineMan and Grab Food among many other franchises and individual restaurants now offering boutique delivery services.)

It’s estimated that food delivery apps and businesses will account for 8 percent of Thailand’s total restaurant business in 2019.

The findings show that 63 percent of the respondents to a survey believe that the advent of food ordering apps has changed their food consumption behaviour. Diners are increasingly ordering food online platforms, and eating out at restaurants less.

The burgeoning food delivery and related application business has increased opportunities for players in restaurant supply chains, including small and big restaurants, to generate more income as they can reach out to new groups of customers beyond their regular catchment of regular eaters.

Delivery motorbike riders can also earn extra income by receiving business from online food delivery platforms; the market share of the delivery motorcycle services is estimated at 3.9 billion baht this year.

Restaurant chains are being forced to add channels for receiving food orders from outside customers and offer a wider variety of menu options.

One thing is for sure, you will see more motorbikes zipping around your area delivery all sort of foods to homes around Thailand.

Mmmm, I feel like a pizza!


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