The Eppal Foundation Is Releasing (Launched), the Blockchain-based, Next Generation Living Triplant

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SEOUL, South Korea--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Eppal Foundation will introduce the first virtual currency '28VC' with the purpose of dedicated use for dental treatments.

28VC is a new dental and healthcare platform intended to create an industry-wide ecosystem in the healthcare industry and to provide various additional affiliated services.

The Eppal Foundation intends to contribute to the 4th Industrial Revolution, as well as drastically change the implant industry ecosystem and create a new and innovative paradigm in the healthcare industry via the “28VCK TRIPLANT”, which has been released following joint research and development efforts between Korea and Japan.

In order to establish the next generation of living implant service business in Asia (Korea, China, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc.), the 28VC system allows local coins to be issued and distributed in each country while offering services for coin-based payment and treatments in the direct management hospitals. Currently, the coins are already being used and distributed smoothly.

Advantages of TRIPLANT as a Next Generation Living Implant

1. Securing vertical/horizontal regeneration pathways inside and outside the implantation of blood vessels and nerves

2. Designed to have three round barrier shields above the implant

3. Design in which alveolar bone displaced during placement are gathered inside the Triplant

Business Direction of the Eppal Foundation

The 28VC platform basically began as an offline business. Initially, a dental council for dental treatment and an allied distribution network had already been established. In addition, for dental treatment healthcare services, we had formed partnerships with various specialist clinics to form an ecosystem wherein medical attention and treatment could be performed immediately.

To improve the current market situation, the 28VC platform offers a more transparent and reliable dental healthcare service, introduces a blockchain technology payment system based on the Eppal Foundation's patented technology, absorbs a global customer base, and operates a variety of affiliated hospitals.

The cryptocurrency used in the 28VC platform has already established its own mainnet and has been recognized and verified by several institutions and the broader blockchain industry. 28VC, a comprehensive healthcare platform based on blockchain technology, can provide members with blockchain-based medical and healthcare information encryption services, as well as payment services, independent sales networks, and dental care based on various technologies, all while targeting the multitudes of demanding customers globally with various advanced services.


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