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22-Aug-2019 Intellasia | The Flip Side | 3:45 AM
Authored by John Whitehead via The Rutherford Institute, “The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out ... without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, intolerable.” - H. L. Mencken The U.S. government is working hard to destabilize the nation. No, this is not another conspiracy theory. Although it is certainly not far-fetched to suggest that the government might be engaged in nefarious activities that run counter to the best interests of the American people, doing so will likely brand me a domestic terrorist under the FBI’s new classification system.
Observe for yourself what is happening right before our eyes. Domestic terrorism fueled by government entrapment schemes. Civil unrest stoked to dangerous levels by polarizing political rhetoric. A growing intolerance for [...]
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22-Aug-2019 Intellasia | The Flip Side | 3:25 AM
Starship Technologies, an autonomous delivery company, focused on last-mile delivery services, announced Tuesday via a company press release, that it will launch delivery robots on 100 university campuses across the [...]
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22-Aug-2019 Intellasia | The Flip Side | 3:05 AM
Authored by Mac Slavo via, The death of millionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein behind bars should trigger “system-wide self-reflection” on how prisoners are treated. The Metropolitan Correctional Center “is sort of like an American gulag for people who have not been convicted of anything,” Epstein lawyer Marc Fernich said. Epstein had at least some dirt on some high-powered people like Bill Clinton and he could very well be dead because he was going to talk.
And another person currently jailed for giving the American public information the United States government desperately wanted to keep secret, is Julian Assange.  His health is failing and the highly dubious [...]
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22-Aug-2019 Intellasia | The Flip Side | 2:45 AM
"It's looking like the end game for the revolution in Syria as rebels lose another town," reports the LA Times. Yet the Syrian Army has now gained control of not [...]
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22-Aug-2019 Intellasia | The Flip Side | 2:25 AM
Authored by Nicolas Loris and Kevin Dayaratna via, If someone asked you to describe the Green New Deal, what would you say? According to Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., it’s a “bold idea” that would “create millions of good-paying jobs” and help “rebuild communities in rural America that have been devastated.”
Oh, you thought the Green New Deal was all about fighting climate change? Well, think again. Turns out it’s a green-glossed Trojan horse designed to increase government control over the economy. Just [...]
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22-Aug-2019 Intellasia | The Flip Side | 2:05 AM
Apartments in the Wall Street area languished into late summer as a glut plagues the Manhattan real estate market, reported Bloomberg. "There was so much new development in that neighborhood, and [...]
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22-Aug-2019 Intellasia | The Flip Side | 1:45 AM
Authored by Yossef Bodansky via GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs, All attention is focused on the twists-and-turns of the very noisy US-Iran dispute in the Persian Gulf, but all the while the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is rapidly and quietly consolidating a dominant presence in the area with the active support of Russia. Beijing, as a result, is fast acquiring immense influence over related key dynamics such as the price of oil in the world market and the relevance of the petrodollar. The PRC and the Russians are capitalizing on both the growing fears of Iran and the growing mistrust of the US. Hence, the US is already the main loser of the PRC’s gambit.
The dramatic PRC success can be attributed to the confluence of two major trends: (1) The quality and relevance of what Beijing can offer to both Iran and the Saudi-Gulf States [...]
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22-Aug-2019 Intellasia | The Flip Side | 1:25 AM
As ZH readers are no doubt aware, America's most 'progressive' cities have become ground-zero for a what has become an all-out homelessness crisis, leaving these once-beautiful cities a bastion of [...]
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22-Aug-2019 Intellasia | The Flip Side | 1:05 AM
Authored by Simon Black via, From time to time it’s important to take a giant step back and take a fresh look at everything that’s going on with a big picture perspective.
The last few weeks has been nothing short of incredible... so many important things happening that have never happened before ever. Let’s take a step back together: 1) $50 billion to [...]
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22-Aug-2019 Intellasia | The Flip Side | 12:45 AM
The CFA examination is known for being notoriously difficult, which traditionally has contributed to the poor pass rate for the examination. But that wasn’t the case this past June, according to [...]
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14-Jan-2019 Intellasia | The Flip Side | 4:12 PM
"Everything you own in the future will be controlled by your voice. That's what this year's CES, the world's largest annual gadget bonanza, has made abundantly clear..." [...]
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14-Jan-2019 Intellasia | The Flip Side | 3:56 PM
"Investors can be forgiven for thinking that their mattress – or maybe a money-market fund – isn't such a bad place to stash cash..." [...]
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