The New Arrivals Dreame T20, With Continuous Breakthrough Technology to Bring More Smart Vacuum Cleaner Experience

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SHENZHEN, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Recently, Dreame brand launched a new product - Dreame T20, which reached the goal of $100,000 within 32 hours after launch on Indiegogo. Most of the comments from supporters indicate that they have high expectations for the product and look forward to trying it on their own.

Strong cleaning power

Dreame T20 has always performed well in terms of suction and other features. Compared with Dyson V10 130AW suction power, 24Kpa wind pressure and 60min battery life, T20 has 150 AW, 25Kpa and 70min, which is enough to meet various cleaning needs of users.

For the first time, T20 has joined the automatic induction mode, which automatically adjusts the suction power according to the material of the clean area. In the use of floors and carpets, this mode has obvious advantages. From the floor area to the carpet area, it automatically pressurizes to ensure cleaning requirements.

The detachable battery doubles the cleaning time. The dual batteries provide 140-minute battery life, so you can clean large rooms at one time. Both batteries can be charged simultaneously through its wall-mounted storage and charging base. Only one battery is included in the package, and customers need to purchase the second one if you need.

Dreame T20 uses the V-shaped brush structure for the very first time, which effectively pushes the hair from the side of the roller to the middle area, peels the hair from it and then through the small tooth comb to sucks it directly into the large air outlet. Effectively solve the problem of hair tangling.

Easy to use

Dreame T20 has made a lot of detailed changes, The dust box and filter system are all washable; one-key lock function have free fingers, you don’t have to press the button continuously when you use it; the obvious noise reduction makes the sound softer, which greatly improves the ease of use.

Reasonable price

No matter the cleaning power or convenience of operation, Dreame T20's performance is remarkable. the price of T20 is also very customer friendly. T20 will be launched on Black Friday, and the price is expected to be 300-320$. In short, Dreame T20 is a vacuum cleaner worth purchasing.

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