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HONG KONG, Oct. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- With the original intention of creating the best investment environment for customers, the world's leading online trading broker Master Select Group, finally completed the design and construction of the new official website after more than 100 days of preparation. The new website will be officially launched on October 12th, 2020. So, what are the highlights of the new official website?

  • The red and blue tones represent calmness and boldness

"Calmness and Boldness" represented by red and blue is not only embedded in MSG's brand DNA, but also in the blood of every investor. In the process of investment and trading, how to keep the balance between calmness and boldness is a compulsory course for every investor on the way to advancement. The designer extracted red and dark blue from the company logo and cleverly used them in the design of the website pages. The homepage of the website is based on dark blue, reflecting the importance of calm thinking in investment and trading. In the large area of a dark blue background, the red elements were added highlighting the fun and passion brought to investors by the trading process itself.

  • The product specifications and quotations are all available

MSG provides customers with a wide range of trading products, which not only cover traditional investment products: precious metals, crude oil, forex, and indices, but also added US stocks and "digital gold" products favored by young investors. In the old version of MSG's official website, the product page lacked information on specifications, which caused some inconvenience to new investors. In order to fully address customer demands, MSG added detailed product specifications to each product page on the new website, providing convenience for investors' future information inquiries.

  • More account login entrance, and convenient live chat with CS

In addition to the MT4 trading platform, the most commonly used tool by investors in their daily trading process is the MSG client system. In order to facilitate new customers to find the account registration entry at the first time, and old customers to find the account login entry at the first time, MSG has added account login and registration buttons on all product pages on the new website, so that customers can start the next step at any time. In addition, the live chat service frequently used by customers is fully retained on the new website, ensuring that any questions from customers are answered promptly.

  • Market information and trading Strategy are constantly updated

On the new website of MSG, the "Market Analysis" channel has been specially created, which includes Trading Central, Market News, Economic Calendar, Investment Education, and other columns. Through the content of the channel, investors can quickly acquire the news and information that is happening in the global market, covering different fields such as economics, finance, and geopolitical situations. They can also gain insights into the trends of product prices from trading strategies.

Master Select Group hopes to provide all customers with a smoother and more convenient trading experience via the new official website, as well as richer market information and trading strategies. If you are one of the persons who like investment and trading, please continue to pay attention to and MSG.

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