Too late to claim your ministry doesn’t do direct negotiations, Zuraida told

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Housing and Local government minister Zuraida Kamaruddin cannot deny her ministry awarded contracts directly since the finance minister has already shown this in Parliament, Lim Guan Eng said today.

The DAP secretary-general said the list Finance minister Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Abdul Aziz provided to federal lawmakers clearly contradicted Zuraida’s assertion.

“She (Zuraida) should take it up with Tengku Zafrul and not me.

“But what I want to tell her is that, ‘nasi sudah jadi bubur (too late), since the list has been released by her own Cabinet colleague, don’t blame me,” Lim told reporters in a press conference at the DAP headquarters here today.

Yesterday, Zuraida claimed that she had no knowledge of two directly negotiated contracts awarded by the ministry during Pakatan Harapan’s time in power.

Zuraida was in charge of the ministry both then and now.

Lim added that Zuraida’s recent statements seem to contradict her own government’s stand.

“Who exposed this list? Not me. If she wants to argue with finance minister I don’t want to be involved.

“She is now contradicting what her own government is saying.

“Looks like she is not confident with her own government,” said Lim.

Lim, however, offered to step in should there be any mistake discovered in the list pertaining to Zuraida’s ministry.

Zuraida has since disputed Lim’s claims after the latter said her ministry was among the ministries that had applied for direct negotiated tenders.

On Wednesday, Tengku Zafrul released the full list of 101 projects that were awarded through direct negotiations under the PH administration.

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission has confirmed earlier this week that it will be looking into the direct negotiation contracts for possible corruption, embezzlement or abuse of power after several NGOs had filed complaints with it.


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