Toshiba’s New Low-capacitance TVS Diodes for High-speed Interfaces in Mobile Devices Deliver the Industry’s Leading-class Protection Performance

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’s (TOKYO:6502) Storage & Electronic Devices Solutions
Company today announced the launch of a new line-up of low-capacitance
TVS diodes [1] for use in high-speed interfaces in mobile
devices, including smartphones, tablet PCs and wearable devices. The new
diodes deliver the industry’s leading-class[2] protection
performance. The line-up covers ten products to protect high-speed
interfaces, including USB 3.0/3.1 and HDMI, from electronic discharge
(ESD) and noise. Shipments start from today.

The new series offers five products for 3.3V lines and five for 5.0V
lines, allowing users to select the product that matches the required
interface voltage of their system. The TVS diodes are fabricated with a
newly developed EAP-IV process[3], which utilizes Toshiba’s
proprietary snapback technology. It improves dynamic resistance, which
absorbs ESD and noise, by approximately 50% compared to Toshiba current
products[4], realizing a low clamping voltage. Furthermore,
static electricity tolerance is improved by approximately 75% against
Toshiba’s current products[4], which can contribute to
improvements in system reliability.

Also, depending on the mounting space of sets, users have a choice of
three packages. “SOD-962 (SL2)” (0.62 x 0.32mm) and “SOD-882(CST2)” (1.0
x 0.6mm) are small-size packages suited for multi-ports including the
increasingly adopted USB Type-C™. The flow-through “DFN10” package (2.5
x 1.0mm) reduces the inductance that occurs from wiring.


Line-up and Main Specifications

(@Ta=25 ℃)

Part Number   Configuration  





RDYN typ.
@8 to

  VC typ. (V)  

Ct typ.
1 MHz



@16 A   @30 A
DF2B5M4SL Bi-directional ±20 3.6 0.5 17 24 0.2 SOD-962
DF2S5M4SL Uni-directional 0.3 14 18.5 0.35 SOD-962
DF10G5M4N Bi-directional 0.5 17 24 0.2 DFN10
DF2B6M4SL 5.5 0.5 18 25 0.2 SOD-962
DF2S6M4SL Uni-directional 0.3 14 18 0.35 SOD-962
DF10G6M4N   Bi-directional       0.5   18   25   0.2   DFN10

[1] Transient Voltage Suppressor diodes (ESD protection
[2] For products with the same ratings, as of December 28,
2016. Toshiba survey.
[3] Toshiba’s original ESD Array Process IV
DF2B7M2SL (EAP-II process product)

*USB Type-C is a trademark of the USB Implementers Forum.

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on the date of the announcement but is subject to change without prior

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