Transportation transaction floor should offer more services

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Phan Thi Thu Hien, deputy director of the directorate for Roads of Vietnam, spoke on the transport transaction floor in Vietnam.

Do you have any comments on the cost of transport in Vietnam?

Logistics costs in Vietnam are higher compared to other countries. They account for up to 20.9 per cent of GDP. There are three main reasons for such a high cost. First, poor connections between different means of transport; second, the railways in the country have not been fully developed; and finally there are poor connections between main transport hubs and seaports.

Besides, our inland water channels are not subject to frequent dredging activities. As a result, big cargo boats or ships cannot use them. Adding to that is the poor connection between the land routes and others. Last but not least, there is poor co-ordination between road transportation companies. According to a recent report, up to 45 per cent of trucks operate just one way.

Can you tell us more about the problem of about 45 per cent of trucks operating only one way?

The first transport transaction floor Vina Trucking was launched in December 2015. However, until now, the number of transport enterprises on the transaction floor is very limited. Many enterprises don’t want to have their transaction activities on the floor simply because they don’t want to declare what goods they carry on their trucks a reason that may lead them to lose customers.

Adding to that, many drivers or enterprise owners don’t want to have their business transactions online because they think such transactions might take away business opportunities.

What should the authorities do to make truck drivers feel safe to use the transaction floor?

All transaction floors should look for more investment to update their software to help goods owners, truck owners and concerned parties feel free to do their business on the transaction floors. In other words, everything on the transaction floor must observe the principle of transparency and accountability.

In a case something bad happens in the course of implementing a contract, the transaction floor should act as a mediator to ensure the interests and rights of all parties are protected by law.


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