Trillanes belies connivance with the Reds over Duterte ouster plot

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Senator Antonio Trillanes IV belied the statement of President Rodrigo Duterte accusing him of conniving with the oppositions, specifically with the Liberal Party (LP) and the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) to unseat him.

Trillanes instead hit back at the President citing his preference for appointing leftist members in his Cabinet.

“Sino ang naglagay sa Cabinete ng mga Komunista? Siya di ba? Iyan maliwanag na kung may nagco- connive, siya iyon. Power sharing pa ang ginawa. Pinalakas niya ang mga komunista. Tapos ngayon ipapasa niya sa akin,” the embattled senator said.

Trillanes believes that Duterte is using him to cover up controversies implicating the administration such as corruption. The senator also discounted the President’s capabilities of leading the entire nation.

“Pang-barangay lang po ito. Hindi lang siguro nabibisto pero ang skills niya, governance skills niya pang-barangay lang. Even they way he talks, even the way he dresses up. Hindi naman sa minamaliit natin iyong barangay governance but iba ang level ng complexity ng national governance,” he argued.

On the issue of his amnesty being nullified, Trillanes underscored Duterte’s capability as a lawyer saying it seems that the President doesn’t know anything about the provisions of the amnesty applications.

“Sa San Beda College of Law, I am not impressed with your product which is Duterte. Someday papahanap natin resulta ng exam niya baka nga talagang nilakad lang niya because he doesn’t act like he knows the law,” Trillanes said.

In his speech on Saturday (September 8), President Duterte explained why he decided to nullify the amnesty granted to Senator Trillanes which he said, there couldn’t be amnesty if there wasn’t admission of the crime.

“Before you can give a pardon or amnesty, you have to know, you have to declare your guilt and place it in on a narrative so that alam namin, alam ko kung ibibigay ko ba amnesty o papaniwalaan ko,” he said.

“Wala. Iyong sa application niya TRO sa Supreme Court nagbigay siya ng sample ng affidavit. Wala siyang (documents). You have to swear and you have to place the narratives. Saan ka? Anong ginawa mo kung bakit kailangan kang patawarin?” the President added.

“Failure to comply. It must be in affidavit form and you narrate kung anong kasalanan mo. Ang problema iyong nag-imbestiga at nag-recommend ng amnesty, siya rin ang nag-approve ng amnesty,” Duterte concluded.

Trillanes, meanwhile, remains under Senate custody despite Duterte’s decision to leave the matter of his arrest to the court.


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