US congresswoman describes landing in ‘Republic of Taiwan’

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A US congresswoman on Thursday (November 25) announced on Twitter that she had landed in the “Republic of Taiwan” as she joined a delegation of US lawmakers on a surprise visit to the country.

A 17-member, bipartisan delegation of US representatives and congressional staff members, including Mark Takano, Elissa Slotkin, Colin Allred, Sara Jacobs, and Nancy Mace, landed at Taipei Songshan Airport aboard a C-40 Clipper military transport plane on Thursday evening.

The delegation, which is the second of its kind this month, is slated to have an “in-depth exchange of views with senior government officials on various important issues such as Taiwan-US relations and regional security,” according to a Ministry of Foreign Affairs press release.

At 11:17 p.m. that evening, Mace posted a photo of herself in front of the C-40 jet with the words “The United States of America” boldly emblazoned on the fuselage and wrote, “Just touched down in the Republic of Taiwan,” which was followed by the emojis for the US and Taiwan national flags.

Technically, the official name is the Republic of China, but Taiwanese and the central government simply refer to the country as Taiwan to distinguish it from the authoritarian regime across the Taiwan Strait. Proposals have been made to change the official name to Taiwan, but it would require a constitutional amendment that would face fierce political opposition from both the Kuomintang and Chinese Communist Party leadership in Beijing.

Rather than correcting Mace’s use of the non-existent name “Republic of Taiwan,” many embraced the new moniker:

“Welcome to the ROT!”

“Republic of Taiwan welcomes you.”

“Happy Thanksgiving from the Republic of Taiwan!”

“Welcome to the “Republic of Taiwan” I can hear #CCP veins popping from across the strait.”

“Thank you for supporting Taiwan independence.”

“So welcome to Republic of Taiwan.”

“‘Republic of Taiwan’ I find myself smiling and feeling extremely pleasant when reading this out loud in my head, again and again. You made my day. Thank you.”

“Welcome to Taiwan! Thank you for calling the real name of Taiwan.”

“Seems some Chinese are unhappy with this, which means we definitely are on the right path! Welcome to Republic of Taiwan Rep. Mace! Thank you for showing the support, this means a lot to us.”

“Yes. It is Republic of Taiwan. Not by any other name like Chinese Taipei!”

“Republic of Taiwan !!! I like it.”

“Thank you for calling our real name. You make me cry tears of joy.”

“We will be Republic of Taiwan, welcome.”

“I’m a Taiwanese.”Republic of Taiwan”.I love this name soooooo much.”


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