Vaccination in industrial sector reduces COVID-19 risk by 80pct

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The Industry Ministry has said vaccination of a large number of workers in companies reduced the risk of transmitting COVID-19 by 80 percent.

“Company workers who have not been vaccinated have a risk of contracting up to 35 percent. Meanwhile, if they are vaccinated, the risk of contracting infection can be reduced to around 7 percent,” said Acting director general of Agro Industry Putu Juli Ardika in a written statement here on Sunday.

Ardika said that the industrial sector played a strategic role in accelerating national economic recovery programme and handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

The two programmes, however, must be supported by the implementation of strict health protocols in the industrial sector.

“Regarding the issuance of the Circular of the Industry minister 5/2021, we also appreciate PG Trangkil for submitting IOMKI (Operational Permits and Mobility of Industrial Activities) reports on a regular basis in accordance with applicable regulations,” he said during a working visit to Pati, Central Java.

The circular contains changes to the Circular Letter of the Industry minister 3/2021 concerning IOMKI during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency Period.

The ministry also gave appreciation to the Djarum Foundation for organising vaccination activities for workers and others.

The vaccination programme carried out by Djarum Foundation targets 500 thousand people in Kudus District, Central Java, and is carried out in stages over 25 working days.

In the meantime, PG Trangkil in Pati also carried out vaccinations for more than 1,100 people comprising employees, partner farmers, and the community living around the company.

Ardika said industry players in the country have understood how to deal with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We assess that the understanding (of how to deal with the impact of COVID-19) in the industrial sector has progressed tremendously. In fact, Indonesia is considered as one of the countries succeeding in economic recovery and the pandemic handling,” he said.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the performance of the non-oil and gas processing industry in the second quarter of 2021 increased quite significantly by 6.91 percent, in line with the national economic growth of 7.07 percent.

The manufacturing sector also contributed 17.34 percent to the national gross domestic product (GDP), higher than other sectors.

Pati’s deputy District Head Saiful Arifin expressed his gratitude to the Industry Ministry and PT Kebon Agung for their initiation and facilitation so that the COVID-19 vaccination can be carried out.

The vaccination is considered very useful, especially in helping local governments to facilitate access to vaccination services for the community, he said.


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