Viet Hai Fish Sauce: Quality and Real Benefit Result in Longevity

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In 2017, the company won the Typical Rural Industrial Product Award of Khanh Hoa province and was selected to be a representative of the province for the central region and the country. Pham Thai Hai, director of Viet Hai Company, stressed, “Fish sauce is one of a few consumer products that Vietnamese people use every day. This is a potential market for businesses in the industry and Viet Hai will certainly continue to make the most of this advantage with quality, safe products.”

Hereditary brand

Viet Hai Fish Sauce is a traditional fish sauce brand of the family descended from his great-grandmother. “At that time my whole village made fish sauce, but just a few have continued this hereditary trade until today. Viet Hai Company has made fish sauce for generations and we still keep the original method of making fish sauce that is delicious and good for health,” he said.

Fish sauce has long been a must-have ingredient in Vietnamese daily meals. The condiment is presently sold in every corner across the country, from supermarkets to small retail outlets. Specially, Viet Hai is always a trusted choice of customers in the province and in the country, because each product is originally delicious. Viet Hai has distilled the essence of the freshest fish processed by the skilful hands of its employees to create a hygienic and standard ingredient for customers. “Yellowish or reddish brown fish sauce is extremely delicious. Blue-grey fish sauce should not be used because it may change its nature. A good fish sauce must have three requisite factors, namely protein, colour and taste,” Hai said.

Knowing the market

What concerns Hai most is that counterfeit, uncertified, substandard fish sauce is still available on the market. To have pure original fish sauce, Viet Hai meticulously refines inputs and ferments them nearly a year, not a short time currently chosen by many brands.

Indeed, when industrial fish sauce became popular and developed strongly, Viet Hai Fish Sauce in particular and other traditional fish sauce producers experienced the toughest time for survival. But as Hai used to say, “quality and real benefit result in longevity.” To bring the original Viet Hai Fish Sauce to more markets and affirm its value, Hai took bold steps: Cooperating with tourism companies to introduce its products and proud local traditional trades to consumers and directly discounting on products that customers buy. With the knowledge of consumer tastes, Viet Hai has been modifying its recipe to have best consumer taste and promoting product advertisement. In addition, the company has built and developed regional distribution and sales systems, approached large and small retail stores, and expanded its markets in the Central Highlands and Central Vietnam.

A plus point is that Viet Hai actively advises consumers, directly analyses pros and cons of traditional fish sauce and its products as well. “We are using gradual trust-building tactics. Nowadays, the company’s market share and the customer base are expanding. In 2018, we will increase our bottled fish sauce sales and boost cooperation with tourism companies. We will also actively invest in modern machinery systems, laboratories, factories and showrooms to serve visitors wishing to visit the company’s fish sauce making facilities. With these effective strategies, we believe that in the fierce race for market share, Viet Hai will have a solid position,” Hai said.


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