Vietnamese spend more on coffee out of home: survey

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Vietnamese people tend to pay more for coffee outside the comfort of their home, the results of a recent survey by market researcher Kantar Worldpanel showed.

The survey report, ‘Winning beverage sector: 360-degree view of the consumer journey from purchase to usage for in & out-of-home consumption,’ was released on Tuesday.

It explores some key insights on how Vietnamese consumers in HCM City shop for and consume non-alcoholic beverages (NAB) in the first nine months of 2019.

Accordingly, the out-of-home (OOH) market accounted for nearly 60 percent of total spend on NAB in the southern metropolis as the city has a young population who tend to go out more.

However, of the total drinking occasions, 60 percent happened at home while 40 percent were made outside of home.

When consumers went out for drinks, coffee was the most popular choice in HCM City, especially in ready-to-serve format.

Coffee, including both ready-to-serve and ready-to-drink formats, had the highest purchasing frequency among all NAB, being bought nearly three times a month per individual.

Consumers also spent bigger on coffee out of home as 69 percent of the total expense on this drink was made at cafes and restaurants.

But in terms of consumer base, coffee reached just over 60 percent of drinkers in HCM City.

Tea, which together with coffee made the two most popular choices for Saigonese drinkers, was purchased twice per quarter on average.

Like coffee, the OOH market made 87 percent of total spending on tea while in-home tea accounted for only 13 percent.

Tea had a better drinker base than coffee at 90 percent, the biggest of all NAB.

When drinking at home, Saigonese made different choices, according to Kantar Worldpanel.

Juice was the most popular drink for in-home consumption, while tea and coffee followed in second and third, respectively.

However, tea and coffee enjoyed at home came in different formats other than what people drink at stores.

They were loose-leaf tea and instant coffee, which require preparation before drinking.

Kantar Worldpanel did not mention the method or sample size of their survey.


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