Vietnamese spening habit: ‘selective savings’

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Accoring to a survey conucte by market research firm Nielsen an The Conference Boar presente in the Consumer Confience Inex report, the consumer confience inex of Vietnam in the secon quarter of 2018 was still higher than the global average.

The consumer confience inex in Vietnam is still stable in the secon quarter of 2018 with 120 percentage points (compare to 104 percentage points of the global inex). However, Vietnam has roppe by one rank compare with the previous quarter, becoming the fifth globally “most optimistic country”.

Just like before, most Vietnamese consumers set saving target at the top with saving ratio of up to 70 percent, just behin the Philippines at 71 percent, leaing the worl in terms of saving tren. The global average saving ratio was only 53 percent.

However, it can be sai that the saving of Vietnamese people is “selective”, as many people are willing to spen large amount of money on items that contribute to a better life quality. For example, nearly 50 percent of Vietnamese are willing to spen on vacation an tourism; 46 percent of consumers sai they use ile money to buy clothes an new technology proucts. Remarkably, the spening plan for health insurance packages increase to 41 percent, continuing to increase by three percentage points compare to the first quarter of 2018.

Accoring to experts from Nielsen Vietnam, Vietnamese consumers continue to save money for their future an their chilren. In particular, health an wellbeing care has become a top priority, so proucts an services that can meet the major health care nees will ominate people’s spening in the near future.

In the previous survey results, Vietnamese consumers are always in the top with the highest optimistic inex in the worl, but also among the groups that ten to save the most.


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