Vietnamese woman implicated in the assassination of Kim Jong-nam pleads guilty to lesser charge, given three-year sentence

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A swift end has come to the trial of one of the only two individuals arrested in connection to the death of North Korean Kim Jong-nam, half-brother of the country’s current leader.

Vietnamese national Doan Thi Huong was sentenced to three years and four months prison, after taking a plea deal offered of a lesser charge of voluntarily causing hurt by the prosecution. She has previously been on the hook for murder, which carried a potential death sentence should she have been found guilty.

Handed a three-year-and-four-month sentence, her time was ordered by the presiding judge to start from the day of her arrest, February 15, 2017.

“Soon you will be back in your country, and back to your family,” said Justice Azmi Ariffin, perhaps the only comforting words to offer the only person to have been meted a jail sentence in the assassination.

Her fellow murder accessory, Indonesian national Siti Aisyah saw all of the charges pending against her dropped, without an acquittal, after prosecutors decided to withdraw their case, last month. She had pleaded not guilty to the accusations, and while no official reason was given for the decision, her country’s political spin machine has alleged that it was due to their heavy diplomatic lobbying on her behalf. Malaysian PM Mahathir has denied these claims.

And so concludes one of the more unbelievable stories to have hit international headlines in the last few years: The half-brother of the current rogue North Korean leader, assassinated as he walked through an international airport, with powerful nerve agent, by two women who claim that they thought they were taking part in a televised prank show. Four North Korean agents have since been identified by investigators as having had a role in the debacle; however, all four left Kuala Lumpur shortly after the poisoning happened, leaving the two women to take the heat for what turned out to be a very serious murder.


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