Vietnam’s 22 largest export markets named

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The 22 out of Vietnam’s over 150 export markets had a total turnover of $69.42 billion, accounting for 84.5 percent of the country’s total export turnover during this period.

Compared to the same period last year, export turnover of these 22 markets rose by 6.6 percent – higher than the average rate of 5.7%.

Besides markets with growth, such as South Korea up to 40.3%, the Netherlands 28.1%, the Philippines 17.4%, China 13.9%, the US 13.8%, Thailand13.6%, Italy 12.1%, Austria 10%, and the UK 9.9 percent some market saw decline, like Singapore with a fall of 38.3%, Malaysia 25.4%, Australia 17%, Cambodia12%, and Indonesia 11.6%.

Most major economies in the world are the largest markets of Vietnam.

Of the 22 largest export markets, up to 12 are in Asia, followed by Europe with 7, the Americas with 2, and Australia.

Vietnam was in trade surplus position with 14 markets, including the US with $13.1 billion, the United Arab Emirates $2.58 billion, the Netherlands $2.456 billion, Hong Kong $2.22 billion, the UK $2 billion, Germany $1.63 billion, Canada $1 billion, Austria $1 billion, Italy, $913 million, France $846 million, Spain $836 million, Cambodia $644 million, and the Philippines $637 million.

However, Vietnam was in deficit with the Chinese market, with up to $14 billion, South Korea $9.64 billion, Taiwan $4.32 billion, Thailand $2 billion, Singapore $1.49 billion, and Malaysia $1.12 billion.

Notably, they are Vietnam’s major export markets; export value of Vietnam accounts for a small percentage compared to the total imports into these markets.


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