We should be on public’s side, Sin Chew says after Malaysiakini scrutinised its Dr M interview

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Chinese-language newspaper Sin Chew Daily has taken news portal Malaysiakini to task today, after the former was accused of misquoting Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad over the United Examination Certificate (UEC) issue.

In an editorial on its website, it chided Malaysiakini for publishing a transcript of its exclusive interview with Dr Mahathir in an attempt to prove that the paper had allegedly distorted the prime minister’s remarks.

“We are shocked that Malaysiakini has compared the recording of our interview with Tun Mahathir to the actual news report carried by Sin Chew Daily,” the editorial said, referring to the recording that the portal had obtained from the prime minister’s Office itself.

“As media, be it print or online, we should be on the side of the ‘rakyat’ to question the authorities when they are going to fulfil their promise of recognising the UEC certificate, not to oversee a competitive media on behalf of the authorities nor raise other issues in a bid to blur the focus.”

While it called Malaysiakini’s move a “slanderous act”, the Chinese daily also said it was not criticising Malaysiakini or questioning its journalistic ethics over the UEC issue.

Sin Chew Daily maintained that it had never said in its report that Dr Mahathir had rejected the UEC and believed that “someone had provided misleading information” to him which led to him thinking that it had misquoted him.

The editorial referred to a press conference earlier today where Dr Mahathir reportedly said: “The media always request me for interviews; I have never refused them, but sometimes I find that it is unlike what I have said. On the UEC issue, I never said I rejected UEC.”

Sin Chew Daily said that for the past 90 years, it has been loyally sticking to its principle of reporting the truth, speaking up for the people and conveying the government’s messages.

“We are not a mouthpiece of the government, nor are we specifically targeting any politician, ruling or opposition,” it said.

Dr Mahathir has since said today the proposal for UEC has to take into account the sensitivities of all races and not just any specific group.



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