Weathernews Inc. Acquires Metnext Entering Environmental Weather Market

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Expanding Weathernews services to worldwide energy, retail, and
agriculture markets

CHIBA, Japan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#agricultureWeathernews
(Chiba, Japan; Chihito Kusabiraki/CEO; “Weathernews”)
(TOKYO:4825) announced that it had completed the acquisition of all
shares of Mextnet SA (Paris, France; Patrice Massat/CEO; “Metnext”), and
that the company had become its wholly-owned subsidiary today. Metnext
is a European leader in providing weather based analytics services and
decision making tools to help companies manage their activities at best
leveraging climate impact. Through the acquisition, the companies will
share their service know-how and infrastructure, and combining their
technology and expertise in an effort to develop new services for
customers in Asia, Europe, and other areas of the world.

The Background and Purpose of the Acquisition

Since its founding in 1986, Weathernews has provided weather risk
management support services mainly for the global transportation weather
markets (shipping, aviation, railway and road transportation).
Furthermore, the company is targeting energy, factory, retail and
agriculture markets as “environmental weather markets” for 2017 and will
engage in developing and offering its services globally. Metnext
provides services leveraging its own software solutions and technology
to the various sectors of the “environmental weather markets” such as :
Energy: energy production for gas, wind , solar, hydro; Retail,
Industry, Services: demand forecast to adjust production and logistics;
Agribusiness: delivery of high precision field based observations and
forecast to anticipate agri treatment. With the aim of providing
high-quality services to the global transportation and environmental
weather markets, the two companies will join their strengths to generate
the following synergies:

  • Combining Weathernews’ strengths in mitigation and avoidance of
    everyday operational weather risks with Metnext’s technology and
    services for project design, operational planning and post-project
    evaluation based on weather risks will enable the provision of total
    support for corporate activities from the design and planning phase to
    everyday operation and maintenance, dealing with emergencies and
    post-project evaluation.
  • Metnext’s Paris Office will serve as the base to strengthen marketing,
    service development and operations, enabling the ability to work with
    new partners to accelerate expansion in Europe.
  • By coordinating their data and service operations, they will work to
    build global environmental meteorology services, in addition to
    expanding globally and improving service quality in the same way as
    transportation weather.

Overview of Environmental Weather Services

    Energy Market



Predictive Demand Control


・Gas and Electricity


Predictive Generation Control


・Solar Photovoltaic Power, Wind Power


Asset Management Control


・Power Station, Grid Transformer

Factory and Retail Market
ⅰ. Predictive Demand Control


Climate Impact Analysis and Prediction


Inventory Optimization Control
Agriculture Market


Farming Management


・Growth, Treatment and Harvesting Management


Comments from Weathernews and Metnext

Thomas Skov, Executive Officer of Sales in charge of European Sales,
Weathernews Inc.

Weathernews is excited to go to market
together with Metnext. This merger has been greatly anticipated and we
are happy it would close a good year in which Weathernews Europe has
laid out several long-term strategic goals. To achieve these goals we
are investing in our future. The merger with Metnext is a result of our
vision of being industries leading provider of secure, next generation
software solutions, business forecasting and decision making tools in
climate business intelligence technology. In this highly competitive
market, we want to bring value for customers who are looking for the
best-qualified, innovative and reliable partner. Together with Metnext
we want to deliver high performance services and products, to mitigate
the weather business risk most industries are facing today.

Patrice Massat, CEO of Metnext SA
This acquisition means
that Metnext will receive Weathernews Inc. support to continue its
development in Europe, will have access to Weathernews expertise,
technologies and solutions in order to enlarge its service scope and
allow its customer to benefit from it. It also means that Metnext will
benefit from Weathernews presence in Asia, Europe and in the U.S. to
better support its customers globally. We are convinced that this new
partner will bring the technological, industrial and financial means
allowing us to continuously improve the quality of services we provide
on the long run.


Corporate Overview of Weathernews Inc.

Company name  

Weathernews Inc.

Address Nakase 1-3 Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba, Japan
Founded June 11, 1986
Capital stock JPY 1,706 million
Name and title of representative Chihito Kusabiraki, President and Representative Director
Number of employees 764
Business   Weather information consulting

Corporate Overview of Metnext SA

Company name

  Metnext SA
Address 79 rue Faubourg Poissonière, 75009 Paris, France
Founded April 16, 2007
Capital stock 2,851,400 EUR
Name and title of representative Patrice de Paulou Massat, CEO
Number of employees 21
Business   Weather information consulting

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