Woman in China uses metal spring as birth control, gets pregnant with fourth child

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A woman from Zhongshan in South China’s Guangdong Province inserted a metal spring into her vagina thinking it would work as a birth control device.

According to Uniland, the unnamed mother-of-three left the object inside her body for approximately six months, hoping the five-centimetre spring would act as an intrauterine device (IUD), commonly known as the coil, to prevent her from getting pregnant.

For the uninitiated, IUD is a small, often T-shaped birth control device that is inserted into a woman’s uterus to prevent pregnancy.

But for the 31-year-old woman, her unique self-made method did not work as she arrived at the Minzhong Hospital heavily pregnant and requesting an abortion.

Only when doctors went to check on the infant’s health did they made the shocking discovery of the spring stuck inside her body.

Gynaecologist Dr Fu Junhong said the woman was already five months pregnant and well into her second trimester when she requested for an abortion.

“During our checks, we found rings lodged between her vagina and cervix,” Dr Fu was quoted as saying that the spring had already been enveloped by her vaginal tissue.

To remove the object, surgeons had to use a pair of pliers to cut the metal spring into seven pieces, each of which was extracted from the patient’s body in an operation that lasted for 40 minutes, as per report.

Dr Fu said the woman had found the object on the floor of her workshop.

“She then picked it up, gave it a wash and inserted it.

“She did it by herself about half a year ago.

“It was greatly unscientific and very unhygienic,” she added.

The woman did not suffer any tissue damage or infection, and was discharged from hospital shortly after the operation.

It is not known whether the abortion was carried out.



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