Yahoo Poll: Do you agree that there is something wrong with NS safety culture?

31-Jan-2019 Intellasia | Yahoo News Singapore | 6:00 AM Print This Post

In the aftermath of Singapore actor Aloysius Pang’s untimely death while on reservist training in New Zealand, one writer argues that there is something wrong with National Service culture.

Specifically, the writer says that in a system geared towards performance, as our armed forces seems to have, “safety can sometimes take a back seat”.

There is also inherent tension in the fact that the lower level of the armed forces are staffed by conscripts, and the higher levels staffed by career soldiers namely, when unwilling conscripts have to choose between punishment and cursorily completing a task, they naturally choose the latter.

There are many more facets to the writer’s argument, as anyone who has participated in NS will know. But, put simply, do you agree with the statement that there is something wrong with NS safety culture? Have your say in our poll and leave a comment below.


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