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YIWU, China, March 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Yiwugo.com, the official website of the Yiwu Commodity Market, which is the largest commodity wholesale market in the world, recently announced the official start of its call for global partners for 2021, inviting import and export trade service enterprises across the world to become its partners and jointly explore the global commodity wholesale market.

Relying on the advantageous commodity supply chain of the Yiwu market, Yiwugo is committed to building a world-leading online commodity trading platform. To date, Yiwugo has played host to more than 53,000 quality commodity suppliers, providing more than 5 million kinds of commodities, attracted a daily average of more than 800,000 visitors, and accommodated more than 6 million registered buyers. The program of Yiwugo's call for global partners has been launched in Canada, Egypt, Indonesia and other regions. According to the feedback from its partners, Yiwugo has improved and upgraded support for its partners in 2021, with a focus on assisting them in increasing their effective trade volume:

I. Providing technical support for the construction of online substation sites

Yiwugo's global partners will engage in business cooperation mainly through Yiwugo's online substation sites. For partners who encounter technical difficulties in building online substation sites, Yiwugo will provide technical support to help them build local online substation sites.

II. Help partners establish commodity libraries according to the regional market characteristics

According to the characteristics of the partners' local markets, Yiwugo will assist them in selecting products that suit the local demands from the Yiwugo platform and display them on their Yiwugo online substation sites for local buyers to purchase.

III. Bring inquiries to partners relying on the Yiwugo brand

When buyers in a partner's region visit the Yiwugo website, they will be automatically diverted to the partner's local substation so that the partner may provide localized procurement services for them; procurement inquiries from the region will also be transferred to the partner for follow-up.

IV. Provide after-sales services

After the buyer places an order, the partner can forward the buyer's purchase demand to Yiwugo's headquarters, which will conduct goods assembly and inspection and send the goods to the partner's local warehouse, thus saving the partner from the trouble of selecting goods in Yiwu and ensuring better quality of the goods.

Yiwugo looks forward to cooperating with foreign trade service enterprises that intend to move their offline business online. Partners with physical business premises and capable of dealing with foreign exchange trading with RMB are preferred.

If you are interested in becoming Yiwugo's partner, please contact us by the following methods:

Contact us:
E-mail: [email protected]
Facebook: www.facebook.com/yiwugo
Twitter: www.twitter.com/yiwugou


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