Yumi Katsura: BEYOND EAST & WEST; Creativity & Innovation of Traditional Japanese Craftsmanship on the Global Stage; Venue: State Guest House, Akasaka Palace (2-1 Moto-Akasaka, Minato-ku)

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Organizer: Yumi Katsura International Co., Ltd (President: Yumi

Press Preview: 11:30 – 12:30 on Feb. 20 (Tue.) 2018
Shows for Invitees (1) 15:00 – 16:00 (2) 19:00 – 20:00

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Traditional Japanese Craftsmanship presented to the world at the
State Guest House, Akasaka Palace

Event Report

Yumi Katsura International and its president, the fashion designer Yumi
Katsura, held floor shows featuring 60 kimono and dresses created using
traditional Japanese handicraft techniques. These shows help convey both
in Japan and overseas the innovativeness of incorporating these
techniques into Western couture and the creativity of using them in
wedding dresses and other garments, with the intention of further
raising understanding of Japanese culture and history. Yuzen dyeing and
hand painting techniques were demonstrated by artisans and some of the
processes involved, along with a display of 16 dresses created using
these techniques. This event was held in place of the annual February
showing of the Yumi Katsura Tokyo Collection.

With the concept of combining tradition and innovation, Yumi Katsura
places special emphasis on the continuation and succession of
traditional Japanese craftsmanship and Japanese culture. This time, her
collection was based on the theme of Beyond East & West and conveyed to
the world the creativity and innovation of traditional Japanese
handicraft techniques.
The State Guest House, Akasaka Palace, the
location for this event, was the former Crown Prince’s Palace, built in
1909. Standing on the site of what was once the Edo Nakayashiki
residence of the Kishu-Tokugawa Clan, it is the only Neo-Baroque
Western-style palace in Japan and was built by the most skilled Japanese
architects and artisans of the time. After World War II, Japan began
making its return to the global stage and, in its efforts to forge close
international relationships, an increasing number of official guests
from overseas were invited. This led to the palace being renovated into
a State Guest House in 1974.
The aim of this event was to showcase
the attractiveness of combining East and West through the incorporation
of traditional Japanese handicraft techniques and culture into
western-style couture. It is fitting then for it to have been held in
the building where expert Japanese craftsmanship is united with Western
architecture. It was a clear demonstration of the high synergetic effect
and the strong appeal that this combination has to offer. This is the
first time that a fashion event has been allowed to be held at State
Guest House, Akasaka Palace.

Comments by Yumi Katsura and members of the audience on the event

Yumi Katsura
It was 1964 that I have become a bridal fashion
designer. It’s been 40 years since I had a chance to see the State Guest
House for the first time and I was eager to hold the show sometime, and
finally my wish came true.
This is the 53rd time to hold the
collection in Tokyo that I do every year since 1964. For 53 years, I
always try to create a fusion of Japanese and Western styles in bridal
collection, and this time I made another world beyond Japanese and
Western styles to convey it to the world from Akasaka Palace where also
was constructed by Japanese and Western culture and craftsmanship.
there is a Japanese movement in the world, and “Japonism” attracts
people’s attention. What I and Japanese designers should do is to keep
conveying Japanese culture to the world continuously. I didn’t put on
this show just for me. I worked on this as a mission of Japanese
designer. Thank you all for your understanding, support and cooperation.

Members of the audience

Mr. Yasuhiro Eguchi, the honorary professor of Gakushuin Women’s

I came up with this title “Beyond East & West” when
I was asked an advice of naming for Paris Collection of Yumi Katsura.
Especially she kept saying “Tradition and Innovation” “Fusing Japanese
and Western”.
Uniting history, tradition, culture and wisdom
creates Yumi Katsura’s world, and that beauty makes people happy. This
show was exactly a gift of happiness to every audience.

Dr. Frank Cintamani, Founding President, Asian Couture Federation
over five decades, Yumi Katsura has been an important cultural bridge
for Japan to the world. She has made it her life mission to preserve the
art of Kimono wearing and to introduce western bridal dresses to Japan.
Her collection today embodies her entire life’s work.
I was deeply
impressed at Yumi Katsura’s skill at being able to preserve traditional
crafts and culture through this stunning collection of over 60 couture
pieces. She has a unique ability to bring together both Japanese and
western style dresses that reflect the strong heritage of both.
gowns which were inspired by masters such as Hokusai, Monet and Van Gogh
were incredibly beautiful. Famous motifs, images and paintings took on a
contemporary elegance with Yumi Katsura’s gifted vision. I was also
hugely impressed with the kimonos and gowns that reflected Yumi
Katsura’s interpretation of beauty.
The passion and commitment she
shows in her work is truly unique. In my mind, she is one of the world’s
most creative and innovative couture designers.

Mr. Haruo Shimada, the chief director of Shuto University Tokyo
Many of the dresses brilliantly expressed the fusion of Japanese and
Western. I was so impressed with her dream that never ends.

Ms. Norika Fujiwara, Actress
Every dress perfectly expressed
the fusion of Japanese and Western, and they were so amazing. I strongly
felt the meaning of why this collection was held at Akasaka Palace, and
it made me so impressed. I believe the success of this show is by every
staff’s efforts.

Mr. Ainosuke Kataoka, Kabuki Actor
I once participated in
her show before, but this was my first time to watch the show as an
audience. It gave me so much energy. The one I had performed, “Sistina
Kabuki” was also themed “Japanese and Western collaboration”, so today’s
show became a great help on my Kabuki performance as well as this
Akasaka Palace where I visited for the first time.

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