Zahid swats away Tun M’s claim 700,000 Chinese will be brought in to vote in GE14

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Home minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi today denied claims that 700,000 Chinese will be brought to the country and given identity cards so that they can vote in the next general election.

Responding to a claim made by former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Zahid said that the public can rest assured the ministry has never and will never do such a thing.

“I do not know what (Tun Mahathir) did when he led the country, (when) the ministry was under him.

“(But) I assure (you) that the ministry will not do such things, and has never done such things,” he said at a press conference after closing the Indian Progressive Front’s (IPF) 24th general assembly here today.

Tun Mahathir had recently claimed that over 700,000 Chinese will be brought to live in the Forest City development in Johor, and given identity cards to enable them to vote in the coming general election.

Zahid, who is also deputy prime minister, said in the last general election, the government had also been accused of bringing 40,000 Bangladeshis into the country to vote.

“It was an outrageous claim, but people believed it. Something that was false became true.

“I hope we will work hard, not just to not believe, but to be firm in deflecting these false claims.

“At the same time, we know (government detractors are aiming) many long- and short-range political missiles towards the government and Barisan Nasional,” he said, adding that he is confident the public will not easily believe what is said.


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