Zahid tells Umno members to accept decision on candidates for GE14

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Umno acting deputy president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi today urged the party leadership to accept the candidates who will be fielded for the upcoming general election.

Speaking at the opening of the party’s three wings, Zahid said the leaders should stray away from “bad behaviour”, such as seeking personal glory as the struggles achieved should be done for the party and the nation’s achievements.

“The aura of leadership that is most difficult to encounter is the quality of being likable as when someone is selected as a candidate, it would certainly arouse jealousy.

“We must step forward as a mature team. I call upon all leadership to abide by the decision of the President in determining the candidates,” he said, referring to prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

Zahid said Umno and Barisan Nasional practices civility in candidate selection according to those best suited for the role, and cited the qualities of mature and dynamic politics as the gauge for candidacy.

He said the qualities needed in a leader should include self-educating and training and in constant servitude of body and mind to God.

“We support and respect the process of democracy, as the culture of anarchy initiated by others only exhibit superficiality and greed.

“The quality we look at includes those who are winnable, likeable, capable, trustable, and intelligent,” he said.

Zahid, who is also the deputy prime minister, had once again echoed his sentiments on the importance of the three wings to act responsibly and holistically in achieving a big win in GE14.

He said the mission to achieve a victorious two-thirds majority in the general election requires the cooperation of the three wings in ensuring the votes of hard core supporters remain.

“Just as important are the many who wait and see until the final moment. Make sure that their votes go to us… and remain in our favour.

“Dear Kak Ijat, beautiful and stylish. Looking sophisticated at all times, make sure this target can be achieved,” said Zahid, in reference to Wanita Umno chief Tan Sri Shahrisat Abdul Jalil.

Zahid congratulated the three wings, voicing out the individual efforts made by each, on the firm loyalty of the Wanita towards its President, the forefront shield of Youth, and the ongoing attentiveness to the grassroots of Puteri.

He said he had faith in Wanita in guiding the Puteri movement with affection and avoid disputes.

“Remember, ‘the elders always nurture and love the young and the young should always respect the elders’.

“Where there are no elders, there can be no youth,” he said.


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