Zilliqa and FBG Capital Announce Strategic Partnership

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One of world’s leading blockchain digital asset management firms
announces a strategic partnership with the high-throughput blockchain
platform developed at the National University of Singapore

a high-speed blockchain platform from researchers at the National
University of Singapore, has today announced a strategic partnership
with FBG
, one of the world’s leading digital asset management firms.
The firm will be investing into the project and Zhuo Shuoji, founding
partner of FBG and a veteran cryptocurrency
, will be joining Zilliqa as an advisor to help guide
commercial and financial industry adoption of the new blockchain

Zilliqa was created by researchers at the National University of
Singapore to solve the issue of scalability of blockchains, one of the
most pressing problems facing the technology today. The new platform
they have developed is based upon the technology of sharding that was
originally proposed by the research team in an academic paper in 2015.

“Zilliqa is an example of pure innovation being applied towards
providing a solution to critical business challenges,” said Zhuo Shuoji,
Founding Partner of FBG Capital. “We are excited to work with their
top-notch team and help them build the next generation of
high-throughput blockchain applications.”

“Having the expertise of Zhuo Shuoji and FBG Capital guiding us truly an
honor,” said Xinshu Dong, CEO of Zilliqa. “We are confident that our
technology combined with our amazing team and advisors will drive the
adoption of our platform towards providing solutions to everyday
business and consumer applications.”

Zilliqa has already built a working platform and has recently
that their internal testnet has reached a peak throughput
of 2,488 transactions per second (TX/s). For perspective, if Zilliqa
were fully functional on the same number of computer nodes as Ethereum
(~22,000) their transaction rate would be over 15,000 TX/s, nearly
double the average of VISA, the largest electronic payment network in
the world.

Zhuo Shuoji will be joining banking tech leaders Alexander Lipton and
Stuart Prior as well as blockchain innovators Loi Luu and Aquinas Hobor
as advisors on the project. The original scientific research for the
project was done in the laboratory of Dr. Prateek Saxena, who is now
Chief Scientific Officer with Zilliqa. Earlier projects and ventures
that emerged from Dr. Saxena’s research group include KyberNetwork,
TrueBit, SmartPool, and Anquan Capital.

Zilliqa plans to release their source code and a public testnet in
December 2017. The public release of their protocol will enable the
public and developers to participate in testing its functionality,
performance, and robustness, and to start designing the next generation
of blockchain applications that can be developed on the platform.

The company has stated that they will soon announce details of their
public token generation event with their early contribution phase being
currently underway.

To learn more visit: www.zilliqa.com


Xinshu Dong, CEO
[email protected]


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